Things That Separate Us From the Animals (Including James Franco)

I am an avid list maker and have been since I was an adult cognizant of the disorder of things.   Roget was famous for his own beyond the synonyms he is eponymously associated with.  I’ve always gotten a lot of pleasure from jazz, espresso, literature and numerous other creature comforts, so I decided to compile a list of Things That Separate Us From the Animals:

  1. The Semi-Colon–Punctuation mark of the deities.  A neologism of the comma and period.  Truly up there with the paper clip in terms of use.
  2. Jazz–I would mention Henry Threadgill and David Gibson here, current jazz composers.
  3. James Franco–His directing of Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God alone would make the list, but his recent acting in Wim Wenders’ Every Thing Will Be Fine just enhances his presence here.
  4. Second-hand bookstores–Most of my life has been spent in these, The Strand in Manhattan, Powell’s in Portland and Downtown Books & News in Asheville being my favorites.
  5. The Trumpet–Kind of a beautiful instrument to play and even draw.  I’ve never seen a raccoon hit a home run, for example.
  6. Baseball–Short stop?  Come on.  The animals definitely don’t have this.
  7. Tricycle Magazine–Buddhist mag that comes out quarterly.
  8. The French Press–Lately have been putting dark roast Mate in here.
  9. The Sunday New York Times Magazine Puzzle Section–Used to only have the Crossword but now with two KenKen puzzles and numerous other treats like Skyscrapers, my whole day is consumed with them.
  10. Orbit DVD in West Asheville
  11. Espresso Machine–I’m fond of my Capresso.
  12. Trains
  13. Tiffany Pen

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