Favorite 20 Random DVD List

I see a lot of films and used to direct programming for a film festival in Greenwich, CT, for a couple of years.  I discover many hidden European flicks in college and local libraries.  And of course I’m lucky enough to be able to bike to Orbit in West Asheville, the best DVD shop in the galaxy.  I sit around compiling lists all the time and came up with this mix of horror, European, arthouse and olderish classics.  I think you’ll find these films amazing.  I decided not to label them by genre so you can come to them without any prior judgment:

  1. Wolf Cop
  2. American Mary
  3. Phenomena
  4. The Great Beauty
  5. Carmen, first in The Flamenco Trilogy
  6. The Spanish Apartment, Russian Dolls, Chinese Puzzle Trilogy
  7. The Mechanic (Charles Bronson)
  8. Runaway Train
  9. Moonrise Kingdom
  10. Saint Laurent
  11. Prisoners
  12. ’71
  13. The Apu Trilogy
  14. Fedora
  15. The Salvation
  16. Hard Times (Coburn, Bronson)
  17. Sleep Tight
  18. Tenebre
  19. James White
  20. Bone Tomahawk

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